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From Darkness Into Light

From Darkness Into Light

Ref: CD719

Based on a major new discovery, this recording
features the complete setting of the Lamentations
of Jeremiah for Good Friday by Antoine Brumel,
one of the most celebrated composers of
the Renaissance.
Brumel’s Lamentations have been known,
performed, and recorded for many years in a much
abbreviated form of two verses and the refrain,
“Ierusalem, convertere.” The additional seventeen
verses, which were found hiding in plain sight in a
sixteenth-century manuscript by Musica Secreta’s
co-director Laurie Stras, reveal a monumental
setting that is both intricate in its detail and
imposing in its formal construction; a masterpiece
brought from darkness into light.
The second half of the disc focusses on another
manuscript, compiled for a convent, with gems
by Josquin des Prez and Loyset Compère sitting
alongside the anonymous beauty of works that
decorated the nuns’ worship throughout the year.

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