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Plainchant Set of 4 CDs

Plainchant Set of 4 CDs

Ref: CD259

Over 4 hours of beautiful music.

Music for calm & quiet

Timeless melodies of Gregorian chant soothe away the stresses and strains of modern life! This collection brings together a series of some of the most famous plainchant melodies featuring music for the mass, hymns and liturgical songs. More than 4 hours of music

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Music for quiet meditation
Timeless plainsong from a medieval abbey centred around one of the most popular mass melodies, 'Cunctipotens genitor Deus'. The music was used for major feasts and church celebrations and its eternal beauty perfectly captures a need for calm and contemplation: solace indeed for those hours where peace is needed by the listener.

1 Gaudeamus
2 Kyrie Cunctipotens genitor Deus
3 Gloria Cunctipotens genitor Deus
4 Propter veritatem
5 Alleluia
6 Assumpta est Maria
7 Sanctus Cunctipotens genitor Deus
8 Agnus Dei Cunctipotens genitor Deus
9 Optimum partem
10 Ite missa est
11 Assumpta est Maria/Dixit Dominus/
12 Maria virgo assumpta est/Laudate pueri
13 In odorum /Laetatus sum
14 Benedicta filia tua /Nisi Dominus
15 Pulchra es et decora /Lauda Jerusalem
16 Virgo prudentissima /Magnificat
17 Alma redemptoris mater
18 Ave Regina caelorum
19 Regina caeli
20 Salve regina

Music for Quiet Meditation
Timeless music from the early church, its rites and its rituals, creates an unhurried atmosphere of calm. Focusing on the Sarum Rite, vocal plainchant and instrumental music combine in a fine evocation in sound of the medieval world.

1. Kyrie Cunctipotens genitor Deus
2. Studentes
3. Kyrie Conditor kyrie
4. Kyrie eleison: Square [1]
5. Kyrie Deus creator omnium
6. Kyrie eleison: Square [2]
7. Kyrie eleison: Square [3]
8. Kyrie Rex immense
9. Kyrie eleison: Square [4]
10. Kyrie Fons bonitatis
11. Kyrie eleison civitate
12. Kyrie eleison: Square [5]
13. Kyrie eleison: Square [6]
14. Kyrie Lux et origo
15. Kyrie Cunctipotens genitor Deus (Codex Calixtinus)
16. Kyrie eleison: Square [7]
17. Kyrie Omnipotens pater
18. Kyrie eleison: Square [8]
19. Kyrie eleison: Square [9]
20. Kyrie eleison: Square [10]
21. Kyrie Orbis factor
22. Kyrie Verbum incarnatum (Lantin)
23. Kyrie eleison: Square [11]
24. Kyrie eleison: Square [12]
25. Kyrie Cunctipotens genitor Deus
26. Kyrie (Las Huelgas)
27. Kyrie Rex genitor
28. Kyrie eleison: Square [13]
29. Kyrie Rex Marie
30. Kyrie eleison: Square [14]
31. Kyrie Rex splendens
32. Kyrie eleison: Square [15]
33. Sol sub nube

Agnus Dei
Plainchant for Meditation
Timeless music for two major feasts of the church's year sung by men's voices, invoking the glories of the medieval church and providing a moment for calm reflection.
The Feast of the Blessed Sacrament of Corpus Christi

1 Cibavit eos
2 Kyrie De angelis
3 Gloria De angelis
4 Oculi omnium
5 Alleluia
6 Lauda Sion
7 Sacerdotes Domini
8 Sanctus De angelis
9 Agnus Dei De angelis
10 Quotiescumque
11 Ite missa est
12 Sacerdos in aeternum/Dixit Dominus
13 Miserator Dominus/Confitebor
14 Calicem salutaris/Credidi
15 Sicut novellae/Beati omnes
16 Qui pacem/Lauda Jerusalem
17 O quam suavis/Magnificat
18 Alma redemptoris mater
19 Ave regina
20 Regina caeli
21 Salve regina
22 Pange lingua gloriosi

Music for Quiet Contemplation
The Venerable Bede informs us in passing of musical activity in the monasteries of Northern England: 'all those present at a feast took it in turns to sing and entertain the company', and he refers specifically to the harp. This reference finds its echo in the great poem of Beowulf in which, at court before King Hrothgar, a poet sings a song of creation: the monster, Grendel, must lurk in the outer darkness and endure the 'din of merry-making inside the hall, and the sound of the harp and the bard's clear song'.
The music on this album is a re-creation of music that may have been familiar to the scribes of the Lindisfarne Gospels. It combines plainchant - the sacred vocal music of the early church - with Celtic harp and Northumbrian pipe. The harpist improvises on sacred tunes, the piper plays eloquent versions of early Northern folk melodies.

1. Facta est cum Angelo
2. Puer Natus est
3. Angelus ad Pastores
4. From night till morn
5. Alleluia - Dies Sanctificatus
6. Sanctus
7. Agnus Dei
8. Lord Lovat's Lament
9. Quem Vedistis
10. Rothbury Hills
11. Veni Redemptor
12. The Lyke Wake Dirge
13. Christe Redemptor
14. Never love thee more
15. Hodie Christus natus est
16. Viderunt Omnes

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