Our People

Martin Souter

The Musical Director of the company, is a distinguished international musician specializing in performances and recording of early keyboard instruments. He holds a doctorate in music from the University of Oxford and is able to bring a wide range of specialist knowledge to the programme and content of both The Gift of Music range and our very successful bespoke CDs.

Martin is broadly responsible for US sales and travels frequently. He is ready to meet you to discuss The Gift of Music or bespoke sales either at trade fairs or by special appointment at your place of work if appropriate.

E-mail: martin.souter@thegiftofmusic.com

Mike Williams

National Sales Manager, travels widely from the Gift of Music's Oxfordshire base, meeting clients, and co-ordinating a growing and dynamic UK and European sales force. He can meet you to talk about new products, and is always available to answer questions and discuss our products.

E-mail: mike.williams@thegiftofmusic.com


Ellen Froggatt

Operations Manager, is often the first point of contact between the customer and Classical Communications. She brings a wide-range of administrative and sales experience to her role, and has ably seen the company through its recent fast growth.

Ellen will be happy to meet you to discuss Gift of Music and custom CDs on our Booth 108 at the MSA Expo in Milwaukee on the 1/2 May 2005

E-mail: ellen.froggatt@thegiftofmusic.com


Frances Sunderland

Frances develops the bespoke side of our business, alongside concentrating on a number of long standing customers for The Gift of Music range. As an Oxford University history graduate, she can put to good use a wide-ranging knowledge of music and history in product development and in discussions with clients.

E-mail: frances.sunderland@thegiftofmusic.com

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