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Bless 'em All

Bless 'em All

Ref: CDG1264

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Humorous songs from World War II
From Flanagan and Allen to Spike Jones and George Formby this classic selection of witty wartime songs shows British humour at its best from the absurdity of ‘Der Fuehrer’s face’ to the inanity of ‘Mr Wu’!
21 tracks 63 min

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Bless'em all
Humorous Songs from World War II

From Flanagan and Allen to Spike Jones and George Formby this classic selection of witty wartime songs shows British humour at its best from the absurdity - and rudeness - of 'Der Fuerher's face' to the inanity of 'Mr Wu'. There's plenty of sophistication too, though, as well as a whole host of saucy double meanings!

1 Run rabbit, run Flanagan & Allen
2 This is the army, Mr. Jones Ambrose & his Orchestra
3 On the Siegfried line Elsie & Doris Waters
4 Bless 'em all George Formby
5 The Hut Sut Song Freddy Martin Orchestra
6 Deep in the heart of Texas Alvino Ray Orchestra
7 Rum & Coca Cola The Andrews Sisters
8 Move it over Geraldo & his Orchestra
9 Mairzy doats and doazy doats Merry Macs
10 Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition Kay Kyser
11 Roll out the barrel (Beer barrel polka) The Andrews Sisters
12 Der Fuehrer's face Spike Jones
13 Something for the boys Evelyn Dall
14 Fanny is evacuated now Ronald Frankau
15 There's a boy coming home on leave Flanagan & Allen
16 Blackout Bella Douglas Byng
17 Imagine the Maginot line George Formby
18 All over the place Tommy Trinder
19 GI Jive Johnny Mercer
20 Mr. Wu's an air raid warden now George Formby
21 Blitzkrieg baby (You can't bomb me) Fred & Doris Fisher

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Bless 'Em All
Humorous Songs from World War II

Laughter we are often told is the best medicine. One of the most important ways in which humour helps us cope is that it keeps our daily trials and tribulations in perspective. We find enjoyment and release in laughter and, when we are faced with continuous stress and danger as many of us were in World War II, then the ability to laugh and enjoy ourselves becomes even more essential. The entertainers who kept us amused during those dark days became a vital part of the war effort. We will be recalling many great artists, both home-grown and from America, who were to become family favourites and several, national treasures.

Now to two enduring and much-loved partnerships. Bud Flanagan combined a mixture of innocence and shrewdness with a surreal-like wordplay, whilst Chesney Allen played the spruce, educated, polite and tolerant straight man. Elsie and Doris Waters were, actually, sisters and through their alter egos 'Gert and Daisy' established a naturalistic form of humour with characterisations built upon real types of people. '(We're Gonna Hang Out) The Washing on the Siegfried Line' would seem to fit them to a tee.

The radio was our constant companion throughout the War and, apart from the cinema, provided most of our entertainment. It brought into our homes the popular American stars of the time, several of whom we have included here. The ever-cheerful and effervescent Andrews Sisters knew how to strike the right note with such carefree numbers as 'Roll Out the Barrel'. The irreverent Spike Jones contributes 'Der Fuehrer's Face', unsubtle but very funny. We have not forgotten two of the best-known, nonsense songs: 'The Hut Sut Song' and 'Maizy Doats and Doazy Doats'.

Master of the saucy song and the knowing wink, George Formby would sing upbeat, cheeky songs, full of double entendres and silly phrases.

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